Starting Point Program

A project to promote Active Reading


The “Starting Point” Program is a project to promote Active Reading in which we propose to read, think, enjoy, learn, reflect on a book, to be chosen by the centers among our proposals, and from which the rest of materials, activities and workshops.

Reading each book will lead to the development of a series of different activities that each young person can work on individually or with the teacher, in person in the classroom or online. In one way or another, reading will be a pretext, a STARTING POINT, an opportunity to debate and reflect in class accompanied by the members of El Aedo Teatro.

One of the main attractions of the program is the set of GAMIFIED ACTIVITIES that we offer you, with which young readers will learn and reflect in a playful and dynamic way.

This material, totally designed by El Aedo Teatro thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education and the Junta de Andalucía, is exclusive and ranges from Personalized Didactic Units to video games and Seriousgame based on our works and readings.

The possibility of including these books within the readings of the High school curriculum can give rise to a project with a transversal pedagogical structure that can be extended to different subjects and areas of work, whether they are didactic and theoretical (Philosophy, History, Art, Religion, …) and education in values ​​(responsibility before the networks social, forms of communication, family structures, …). For this, the readings are accompanied by a pedagogical package for teachers, which also includes an annual and cross-sectional proposal for Tutorials, a Didactic Unit for the student and the teacher, a Reading Control and Solution.

In addition, on the occasion of the publication of these works, we include a meeting with the author in the educational center in the next course.

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