After other monologues such as “Life is a dream: el bululú”, “The Odyssey” or “El Lazarillo de Tormes”, Jesús Torres and the company El Aedo put on a new one-man show, the result of research and dramaturgy processes that always accompanies your work.

“Flour Fists” is a work that reflects on racism, homophobia, violence and masculinity. What is violence? What differentiates some men from others? What does it mean to be a man?

The monologue presents two stories in which we will meet, in parallel, two characters related to the world of boxing and gypsy culture: on the one hand, the real story of Rukeli, the German boxer and gypsy who challenged Hitler himself in the era of Nazi Germany and, on the other hand, we will meet Saúl, a young gypsy who, in rural Spain of the 80s, seeks his identity and confronts his family.

“Flour Fists” is the story of how Rukeli, Saúl and other gypsies, fought, resisted, died and survived the Holocaust and society, but it is also the story of how some men strive to fit into the ideal concept of “being real men ”, in a context that rejects them because of their race, culture or sexual orientation./p>


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Flour Fists has been premiered in London, at the John Lyon’s Theater and its author, Jesús Torres, one of the few Spanish authors to exhibit in London’s West-End.

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