CONTAMINATIO is a Latin term that means mixture, combination, and that comes from the dramaturgical method used by Plautus, the great Roman comedy writer, who combined different Greek theater pieces to generate a new one in the Roman style.

Following the recipe of the Latin author, we have prepared a cocktail with the funniest situations and the craziest scenes from works such as Aulularia, Miles Gloriosus, Host, Weevil or Mostelaria, creating a new Roman musical comedy, composed by Naim Thomas (Operación Triunfo) and directed and written by Jesús Torres (National Greco-Latin Theater Award), in which laughter and good humor are guaranteed.

What? Do you try it

At the end of the show, the artistic team and specialists in education and youth issues, hold a colloquium-QUORUM

I remember that the first day that the entire artistic team met, I wrote on the blackboard, in large letters: “CONTAMINATIO = MIX”, and this binomial has been the one that has marked the line of work of the entire production. And it is that we have not only mixed forms and styles, but we have managed to bring together veteran artists with extensive experience with young people who have been giving strong, television actors with others recognized for their work in theater and musicals, in the same team, to a team that combines professionals from our country and Europe

If Rome maintained its hegemony for so many centuries it was mainly because of its open and permissive nature. It was not rare to find in the same forum, a temple dedicated to a Roman god next to another in honor of an Egyptian god. Yes, it is true that they also fed their lions with Christians and Africans, but Rome, in its best decades, was an open door to the mixture of different cultures.

“Graeca capta ferum victorem cepit”, or what is the same, “The conquered Greece covered the victorious sky”, is a sentence that can perfectly summarize what, on an artistic level, occurred in the formation of Roman cultural identity. Rome won to Greece on the battlefield but, even in the Roman way, the Greek legacy lasted in law, architecture and, of course, in the theater.

Plautus (Sarsina… .IV BC) knew how to give the public what they really needed. Far from the Greek tragedies and also from the bloody gladiator shows, he created the so-called palliata comedy: new theatrical pieces from the combination of other existing Greek pieces, mainly by Menander, which amused the viewer while making voracious criticism of Roman society.

Following the style of Plautus, CONTAMINATIO combines different Roman works to create a new funny, bold, absurd and sarcastic musical libretto…, where we do not leave Venus with a head!

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Rome, some two thousand years ago…, year above, year below. In one of the most diverse and fun neighborhoods of the Roman capital, a great tragedy is about to happen: the young patrician Pleubucles, has unintentionally made pregnant the beautiful Venusia, a low-income dancer who has been promised to great Miles Cayus Gloriosus. At the same time, her father, poor old Euclión, thinking that the military man will never return, grants his daughter’s hand to his neighbor Megadoro. But, just at this moment, the legion makes its triumphal entry and the great Miles claims his fiancée. The lovers will ask their slave Palestrión for help, who in exchange for his freedom, will have to trick the rich, deceive the military, steal treasures and put Erotica, the most ardent woman in the Roman Empire, into the game.

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